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  • Presents and prints a page listing tickets to future events.
  • This page is printer friendly in that it does not contain the default banner or buttons and is largely black and white.
  • When the "Print at home tickets" box is checked in Setup > Company Preferences > Web Options Tab, this page is the ticket that patrons can print with the bar code for admission to events. If the box is not checked, then the bar code will not present. For more information on the Web Options Tab, click here.
  • The buttons which call this page (when activated in Web Options) are located on TMfutureTickets.html and TMcheckoutConfirmation.html.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Can this page be updated such that the print at home tickets will contain organization-specific or other information?
A: Yes, it can. The page itself can be updated to contain whatever text a client wishes to include. Please note that this same page is used for all events, so event-specific information or similar will print on all tickets generated from this page.

Q: Can I add a logo to the print at home tickets?
A: Yes, you can. Simplest way is to put the logo image file inside tmGifs and then include a link on this page. The link should contain the full path to the image as appose to just a "img src="httpstmGifs/sponsorLogo.jpg" reference.. Please note that any logo included here will print on every ticket, regardless of event. So a sponsor logo for one show only would print on every show's tickets.

Q: Can I add colour or a background colour to the tickets?
A: Yes, you can. We originally chose to have the page print in black and white to make things easier on the end user (and their toner cartridge) but if you'd like the tickets to have colour, you can edit the stylePages.css file. The areas to edit are those that end in "print," ie, backgroundprint or tablerowdetailprint.

Q: Can I print one ticket per page?
A: Yes, you can. This page pulls ticket details from the rowFutureTicketPrintCourse.html, rowFutureTicketPrintFestival.html, rowFutureTicketPrintHeader.html and rowFutureTicketPrintReserved.html pages. These pages can be altered to fill one full page. The following web page gives examples on how to create page breaks

Q: The number under the bar code contains leading zeros, how important are these extra zeros?
A: The leading zeros are added to standardize the length of the ticket number. They are largely for esthetics. When the bar code is scanned Theatre Manager removes the leading zeros.



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