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Contact Info Tab

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This tab is used to show all the contact information for a patron or phone, fax, email and web links. You can alter key preferences from the list or you can go to the patron contact card to add, edit or delete any of the contact information.

Parts of the Contact Info Tab

Type An image representing the type of contact information represented on this line. Contact data can be one of:
  • Email addresses - a patron can have multiple, each of which logs into the same account online
  • Phone numbers - home, work, cell, emergency, or others
  • Fax numbers - multiple area allowed
  • Web sites - wiuch could be personal or work related
Location The location for the patron information. This is a customizable field and the values are defined in Code Tables
Phone/Email/Website The detailed contact information.
Opens the patron's Contact Card so that you can edit their contact information, including:
Adds a piece of contact information to the patrons record. Each selection opens another flyout to select. When you make your selection, the patron's Contact Card opens to the field selected.
Removes the highlighted piece of contact information from the patron record.
Changes the highlighted information to the primary contact information for the patron. The primary information is recognized by the symbol.
You will be asked if you want to reset the patron's email password for the email you selected.

If you continue, this causes:

  • the patron's current password to be reset and render it un-usable - as a safety measure.
  • a 'password reset' email to be queued up. It is exactly the same email that the patron would receive if they had initiated the password reset themselves online

    This email will contain a time-limited link that takes the user to the web site where they can log in.

  • the TM Server will send the email to the email address informing them that they have 48 hours in which to log in and create a personal password
If the patron does not make a new password within 48 hours, you (or they) will need to reset the password again and get a new email. The instructions are in the email they are sent and the approach is for their own internet safety.
If you get an error message that the email address cannot be found in the outgoing message, there are a few things to look at:
  • The tags CI_CONTENTS must be within the web page
  • You need to be able to reach the web site which may mean you need to have an entry in the HOSTS file, especially if you have a windows computer.
    An email will not be sent it there are two patrons in separate households with the same email address. If this is the case, you will need to de-dup the email addresses before it can be sent.