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Media Tab

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The Media Tab is used to keep track of patron's who are member's of the media and the marketing materials they could best but to use.

Parts of the Media Tab

Media Information

Media Type Record the type of media that the patron works with. To select a media type, open the drop down list and click on the desired choice. The list of media type can be altered in the Media Types Code Table. Click here for more information.
Community The area in which the media type spans. Television for example would span the entire city, so the user might put a city name in the community field, or the media could be a community paper and it only spans one or two communities, so the user would put the community name(s) in the field. The Community defaults to the City entered in the patron window.
Last Contact Last time the media member was contacted.
Lead Time Number of days (in advance) the media members need to be aware of an event in order to advertise it.
Priority Rating media contacts for accurate distribution of limited advertising materials.
Notes Relevant notes about the media contact.

Send Following

This is what the media member requires in order to properly advertise the event. Add a check mark by clicking in the box next to the required items.
Media Release Does the Media Member require a Press Release?
Invitation Does the Media Member receive an Invitation?
Poster Does the Media Member receive a Poster to display?
PSA Does the Media Member require a Public Service Announcement?
Photo Call Does the Media Member receive Photo opportunities?
Media Kit Does the Media Member receive a Media Kit?
Brochure Does the Media Member receive a Brochure?
Calendar of Events Does the Media Member receive a Calendar of the Theatre's Events?
Comp. Tickets Does the Media Member receive Complimentary Tickets? By placing a check mark in the Comp Tickets box another field will appear alongside Comp. Tickets which allows room to define the number of tickets the media member is to receive. Enter the standard number of complimentary tickets for this contact. This is a security feature. When the media member calls to request their complimentary tickets, check this field to see how many tickets they are to receive.

An entry in this field does not actually reserve complimentary tickets for the media patron.