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Patron Tab

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This tab gives a brief overview of the patrons financial history with the company.

Parts of the Patron Tab

Patron Special Needs A high priority note employees need to be aware of during sales. For example: Patron requires wheelchair seating. This note appears in the orders window during purchasing.
Tax number If this patron has a Tax Exempt number, you may enter it here. This field is only for reference, however. To automatically remove the taxes, be sure to add the Tax Exempt number to the Household tab.
Default Sales Promotion An option to select a default sales promotion when this patron purchases tickets (if the sales promotion is available).
  • If the Sales Promotion is not available, the default sales promotion on the performance will be used.
  • If neither promotion is available, the default for the Sales Promotion window will be used.
  • If none of these are available, the employee must manually select a Sales Promotion to use for the sale.
Allowed Sales Promotions If the patron is a tour operator, reseller, or school where you want them to receive specific pricing at the box office, you can enter one or more sales promotions on their record. By doing so, only those sales promotions can be used to sell tickets for the patron- none of the others that the box office normally has access to will be seen.

For example, you might associate a group price and a bus driver comp with the patron - and thats the only price that they can be charged. If those promotions are not available on a performance, you cant sell a ticket to them.

Note: patron restrictions apply to both box office sales and web sales since this is considered a contractual price agreement for a patron. if you make a new household patron, the selected promotions from the primary contact will be copied to the new household member. However, if you change one of the household members, it does not change the others, so you can customize each person.
Sales promotions restrictions can also be applied to certain employees should you wish the employee to only sell something like group sales. Patron restrictions (if any) always over-ride any employee restrictions (if any).
Remind Employee of Notes When checked and you open the patron window, it makes a audible beep and opens to the patron tab instead of the default marketing tab.

There is no pop up displayed to keep movement during a sale process faster - it allows you to read the notes and move on without having to acknowledge a confirmation message.

General Patron Notes Notes about the individual patron.
Ticket Balance Amount of money due from or to the patron. A red number means the patron owes the company, a blue number means the company owes the patron.
Total Tickets Total amount of money spent on tickets by the patron.
Total Memberships Total amount of money spent on membership items by the patron.
Last Ticket Last year the patron purchased tickets.