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Box Office Tab

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The Box Office tab sets an employees sales management, default merchant, sales source and other processing options.

Parts of the Box Office Tab

Box Office and Sales Management

Initial Window Window that Theatre Manager will automatically open first when an employee logs on. The initial window may be different for each employee.
Festival Seating Sales Default for selling festival tickets as a one ticket per admission or one ticket per purchase.
Transaction Source This is the department that the employee works in.

Click here for the Transaction Source code table

Hold Letters These are the Hold letters that the employee can use. They can either set, or release these hold letters for any seat in any performance.

There is a special case for PERMANENT social distance seats booked online. These cannot normally be released by anybody unless they have specific permission as shown below in the employee's permissions in the Function Tab

Merchant # Merchant account the employee processes credit cards to.
Merchant # Merchant account the employee uses to process credit cards.
User Initials Employee Initials that are entered into preferences for scanner login. These can be copied from the patron record when modifying the employee's access permissions.
Restricted Sales Promotions If you enter a list of sales promotions into this field, the employee will only be able to use those promotions when selling a tickets. If at least one of these sales promotions is not enabled for the performance the employee is trying to sell to, they will see no sales promotions and therefore, not be able to sell a ticket at all.

Eg: if the employee can only sell a 'Group' or 'Regular' promotion and neither of those are enabled for a specific performance, then none will appear.

A sales promotion restriction may be placed on a specific patron as well, If so, the patron sales promotions overrides the employee sales promotions. This means an employee with restricted sales promotions can always sell tickets to a patron with restricted sales promotions should the patrons sales promotions be different than the employees.
Do not use this feature to limit access to comp tickets.

There are two permissions in the functions tab that are specific to selling free tickets and/or discounting paid tickets to comps. If these permissions are unchecked for the employee and they need to sell a comp to a patron:

  • they will be able to see the sales comp sales promotions to start the sale -AND THEN-
  • a supervisor will need to confirm the sale of the comp by entering their initials and password.

Recommendation for best effect

if you wish to use sales promotion restrictions for employees, it might be good practice to:

  • Select the sales promotions you want to limit the employee to
  • Select some specific customer service comp promotions which allow he employee to start a comp sale f need be
  • and uncheck their ability to sell comps in the functions tab as shown above.