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PCI Access Audit Log

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PCI DSS compliance section 10.5 requires centralization of Logs in a common log management process. The intent from the PCI council is that you could view access to login/out and card data in TM along with firewall access changes, admin access to a machine or server in a consolidated view.

You can export the logs from TM in Excel or tab delimited format and move them to your centralized logging mechanism.

The Access Audit Log is a critical part of PCI Compliance. It provides a method of electronically tracking when users

  • Log in to the database
  • Log out of the database
  • Made too many attempts to log into the database and were subsequently locked out
  • Access credit card data
  • Use Manager overrides for payment acceptance
  • Ran specific payment reports containing secure data
  • TM creates audit transactions with the codes AT, ALI, ALO, ALX, ALM, and AC. When you run a report, look for these codes to identify audit transactions.
  • And access other sensitive areas of the database
  • Specifically, the Access Audit Log establishes a process for linking all access to system components to each individual user – especially access done with administrative privileges. It allows you to track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data as per PCI requirments.

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    The Access Audit log is located under the Setup >> Users & Access >>Access Audit Log menu.