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Exporting Audit Logs to External Logger

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PCI DSS compliance section 10.5 requires centralization of logs in a common log management process. The intent from the PCI council is that you could view access to login/out and card data in Theatre Manager along with firewall access changes or admin access to a machine or server in a consolidated view.

You can export the logs from Theatre Manager in Excel or tab delimited format and move them to your centralized logging mechanism.

Audit logs are kept forever as part of the database. You can search for any past history and re-export them if you desire. Database backups will contain the logs in existence at time of backup.

Once you have accessed the Audit log and are viewing on the screen as per the sample below, to obtain the logs for a specified period of time:
  • Search the logs by transaction date for all new logs since the last export
  • Click the Export Button on the top of the screen and select export to Excel or tab format as required
  • Provide a file name as a place to save the logs
  • Import those into your centralized logging mechanism