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Office LAN

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The office LAN should be set up to isolate computers that may access credit cards from other general purpose machines. These machines should be hardwired to ethernet hubs and routers. Generally, this just means putting it on a different VLAN than the rest of the office to provide maximum cardholder security PCI requirement 1.2.1.

For example, if there is an area that provides free wireless in the lobby or access to the internet for actors in the green room. Those access points should be part of the 'Venue Lan' and not part of the 'Office Lan' (per the network diagram) to separate the segment of the network containing credit cards (office) from wireless part of the network.

You should not be able to access the internet from the database server or any machine that contains credit card information except as required to authorize the card or update system components. PCI requirement 1.3.2 to 1.3.5

Ports that should be open are defined in the section about firewall rules

When you need to set up firewalls on computers, the built-in firewall on windows is very flexible. On macOS, do not manage the built-in firewall via System Preferences on servers - instead, consider using a tool like Murus Firewall to unlock the power of the macOS PF firewall.

This section describes the components of the Office LAN.