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Policy Manual

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PCI compliance requires some additions to your policy manuals, some of which are described below and relate to safeguarding your network and the credit card information. We recommend making these additions immediately.

Refer to Section 12 in the PCI DSS implementation guide for complete information

Policy Description
1. Credit Card information must not be stored on any machine that is in the DMZ.

This generally means laptops that connect to the network wirelessly should be examined for files that contain card information and that information must be deleted.

2. Do not transport credit card information outside the secure firewall without:
  • AES256 or better encryption of each card or the complete file containing any cards (never auto de-encrypt the file when starting a machine)
  • transporting the data in a secure password protected device -or-
  • sending via TLS or over a VPN if doing remote backups electronically to a secure site
3. Never email a credit card number to anyone.
4. Never read back an entire credit card to a patron if they call in asking for one. Always have the patron tell you the card and confirm it only if it right. You can confirm a card number that the patron just told you in entirety.