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PCI Audit Logs

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PCI DSS sections 10.2 and 10.3 require that Theatre Manager maintain audit logs for certain system events. These primarily deal with who has seen or could have seen credit card information.

The transaction logs in Theatre Manager deal with all these requirements because Theatre Manager has always maintained an 'audit log' of certain system events that tracks the events required in PCI section 10.2 and the minimum required data elements for PCI section 10.3.

PCI DSS section 10.5 requires centralization of all system related logs in a common log management process in a protected manner. The intent from the PCI council is that you could view access to login/out and card data in Theatre Manager along with firewall access changes or admin access to a machine or server in a consolidated view.

You can export the logs from Theatre Manager in Excel or tab delimited format and move them to your centralized logging mechanism.