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Customer Access

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Customers buying on the web need to be able to access the Apache web server through ports 80 and 443 in the DMZ. The web server sends cookies back to them.

Web Page Design Considerations

  • Your main web site should direct links to the Apache server via HTTPS so that the majority of access to online ticket sales is secure.
  • If a customer tries to access through port 80, the first thing that the index page does is redirect them to a secure port.
  • If a customer does alter the URL and tries to access a page via port 80, the Theatre Manager web listener always responds back with a secure page and the next interaction will be through port 443
  • Ultimately, if you only wish secure access through the DMZ, you can turn off port 443 and customers will be forced to access via HTTPS. This is quite an aggressive approach and has some marketing implications - the safeguards above ensure that people are moved to HTTPS after hitting the web site for the first time.

What a customer needs to do (nothing)

A customer has zero configuration to do on their machines, other than to allow cookies from your site if they cannot browse the web pages. The Theatre Manager Web Listener will alert them to turn on cookies as it detects people trying to move through pages without cookies enabled.