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Venue LAN

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Machines in your office that generally do not need access to Theatre Manager can be in a separate VLAN so that they do not accidentally compromise credit card data. Rules should be put in place so that these VLANs cannot talk to the servers in the Office VLAN per PCI requirement 1.2.3

It may be a good practice to have one or more VLANs beside the primary office network, especially if you have wireless access points, public WI-FI in your lobby, green room access for Actors, etc. (per the network diagram). Separating those kinds of users from the office LAN is beneficial from a security and bandwidth management point of view. Network segments not dealing with cardholder information are not subject to PCI rules (although it's a good idea to protect them too!).

Theatre Manager does not require use of wireless networks to operate.

However, if you do require that some computers access cardholder data over a wireless network, you must use strong encryption technology for authentication and transmission of data such as hidden SSID, specified MAC addresses, and WPA2 or better on a separate VLAN than other wireless access points and change vendor supplied passwords per PCI requirement 2.1.1.

You must never transmit card information over a network with WEP encryption per PCI requirement 4.1.1.