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TM Listener - Web Services

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The ports that need to be opened for web services depends on which you are using for load balancing

In all cases, you specify the ports to talk to listeners within the TM Director interface.


Simple Setup for Load Balancing

In the simple setup situation, you just need to open port 5000 to each TM listener. When any message is received by the second gen listener externally on port 5000, it load balances internally on ports local to the machine (5001-5010, 5111, 5201-5210).

Each second generation listener machine needs to be able to talk to the designated TM Web Listener machine to retrieve web pages.


Custom Setup for Load Balancing

In the custom setup, the web processes can listen on

  • Second Generation Listener:
    • port 5000 (like the simple setup for load balancing) -or-
    • ports 5001-500x where you specify the load balancing on the TM Web server for high performance throughput -or-

Deploy anti-virus software on all systems commonly affected by malicious software, particularly personal computers and servers PCI requirement 5.1

You can install anti virus software on the TM Server - but may need to exclude the TheatreManagerServer program directory and all traffic to port 5432 on the postgres server. Since the web services run as a service, there is limited need to log into the machine. It should not be used for any other purpose and listens only to the API's from the TM server, so you may only need periodic file scanning at night if you do not join a domain and/or limit people who can access it.