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PostgreSQL Server

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Postgres listens on 5432 by default (see firewall rules for postgres).

Only this port needs to be open on this server. All other inbound ports can be closed in the operating system. The port can be changed by editing the Postgresql.conf file, or during the install.

Misc Recommendations

  • File and email services for the network must be placed on a separate machine from the database server.
  • Turn off windows auto updater. Instead, perform regular maintenance at a time of your choosing (every second Monday for example, more often if the news reports critical viruses) to download and install updates. For 24/7 web sales service, it is important that the Postgresql server run constantly and only be updated at a time of your choosing.
  • On OSX, turn off Software Update and run regular maintenance every second week, similar to Windows Environment. There is far less risk on unix based systems for virus attack vectors.

Deploy anti-virus software on all systems commonly affected by malicious software, particularly personal computers and file servers. PCI requirement 5.1

Since postgres is implemented on a stand alone machine (per PCI requirement 2.2.1), we recommend that you DO NOT install virus software on the PostgreSQL Server. If you must, then do it under very controlled circumstances..

Never allow the virus scanner to scan the actual postgres database directories for traffic because virus scanners severely affect performance when many files are changed rapidly (as in a stand alone database server).

If you absolutely must scan all files, scan the database folder at very off peak hours.