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Remote Box Office

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Depending on the remote access solution you use (Citrix, Terminal Services, Teamviewer, logmein), you may need to open the appropriate ports on your router(s) and server for this feature:
  • On the firewall built into this machine
  • On the main firewall protecting the office with forwarding to the appropriate ports on this machine.

Access to the terminal server from outside the main network should include VPN or packet encryption. Windows 2008 Server and later use secure access by default.

If the remote box office solution permits the feature, you should also set it up so that only specific applications can be launched and the user cannot get to the desktop. For example, Citrix provides a web interface under ISA services that allows you to only permit Theatre Manager to run. With Terminal Server, you can also force it to start Theatre Manager automatically. With 2012 Terminal server, you can limit to only Theatre Manager application to run.

Always disable outgoing web access within the Citrix or Terminal Server so that people cannot browse the internet on the Terminal Server Machine (this will prevent all viruses). You can enable web access on the local machine.

Deploy anti-virus software on all systems commonly affected by malicious software (particularly personal computers and file servers) PCI requirement 5.1