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Access Audit Window

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Parts of the Access Audit Window

Opens the selected transaction to view details. You may also simply double click on the transaction in the list.
Prints the list as shown.
Exports the list.
Displays the patron record to whom the transaction is attached.
Seq # The Sequence number of the transaction.
Trans Date The date and time of the transaction.
Journal # If the transaction affected the General Journal, the Journal number that was affected.
Code The transaction code used to identify the specific transaction.

TM creates audit transactions with the codes AT, ALI, ALO, ALX, ALM, and AC.

When you run a report, look for these codes to identify audit transactions.

Transaction Description A translated description of the transaction code.
Order # If the transaction affected a specific Order, the order number willbe listed here.
Play If the transaction affected a specific play, the play code will be listed here.
Performance If the transaction affected a specific performance, the performance code will be listed here.
Type Whether the transaction is auditable.
Description of Entry A more detailed listing of the transaction, including the User name who affected the transaction.