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Scanner User Id in TM

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Scanning tickets using a scanner requires a user id set up in theatre manager. We suggest dedicating a specific user id to this purpose.

The setup steps for a user id for scanning are:

  • Create a patron in Theatre Manager with a suitable name, like 'Ticket Scanner'. You could even make them a household member of your other special TM id's like the 'Master User' or 'Web Listener'
  • Turn the user into an employee
  • The only settings and permissions that the ticket scanner id really needs is:
    • a unique set of initials to log in with. These are created automatically when the employee login is created and can be found on the employee window
    • The Employee initials are placed in the scanner setup field on the device you are using to do the scanning.
    • This active user must is allowed to log in
    • the permission to Confirm Attendance at a Performance as per the image below.