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Scanning Tickets using Tethered Scanner

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With a tethered unit, you follow a similar process as outlined below:

  1. From the main menu bar, choose Accounting >> Confirm Attendance.

    The Patron Attendance list window opens.

  2. Enter Search Criteria.

    The search criteria is entered in the From and To fields and is based on the field listed in the drop down list.

  3. Click the Search button.

    A list of performances opens.

  4. Double click on a performance to select it. Once selected, the performance will open.

  5. Enter the patron number, ticket number or click in the ticket number field and scan the ticket.

    If you enter the patron number, all of the tickets the patron purchased will appear in the window. If you enter the ticket number or scanning the ticket, only that ticket will appear.

  6. Click the Accept button.

    To speed up the process, press the <RETURN> key to accept the ticket # / Patron #. If you are using a bar code scanner, set the default to include an automatic <RETURN> after each scan. If the tickets have a bar code on them, then either the patron number or the ticket number can be scanned in. It depends on what information has been encoded in the bar code.

    If too many tickets have been selected, and not all should be marked as attended, highlight those to remove and click the Clear Attend button. The tickets are removed from the list.

  7. Click the Finished button when all data has been entered .

    This marks all tickets entered in the list as Attended.