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Step 4 - Checking a Patron OUT of the venue

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This page describes how to check a patron OUT OF the venue so that they can come back in another entrance. A checkout assumes that the patron has been checked in to the venue in the first place. If you receive an error checking the patron out, it would be an odd situation.

The process is very similar for both scanners.

TM Scanner (iPhone/iPod)
  • Make sure the 'white words' in the centre of the screen say 'Scan Out'. If they do not, click the 'blue' words that say 'Scan Out'.
  • Aim the front of the scanner at a ticket
  • Press the 'black' button at the right side of the scanner so that the red laser scans the ticket
  • When you hear the beep (or the phone vibrates), the scan was successful and the words will say 'go'
  • If you hear a longer beep, the screen will say stop and the scan failed -- read the error message to find out why
If you have trouble doing a scan, you can enter the ticket number manually. To do so:
  • Click on the green word 'Start' (or on the blue 'Manual' at the upper left)
  • Type in the ticket number
  • Click the 'Go' Button