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Ticket Scanner Acceptance Rules

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Entering a performance number or leaving it blank the scanner setup preferences directly affects which tickets the scanners will accept or reject.

These apply to checkin or checkout of the venue.

If you enter a Specific Performance Number into the scanner

While providing a performance number is generally the best option, it is especially important If you have multiple venues or multiple events on the same day.

  • Tickets for any other performance will be rejected.
  • The scanner will accepts tickets if the performance date is midnight or earlier. It means you:
    • can scan tickets for an event that goes on today because it has todays date on it
    • can scan ticket stubs you put aside from a prior days performance if you wish, up to any number of days in the past
    • cannot scan tickets for any event with tomorrows date on it
  • Provide this parameters if you want absolute certainty that patrons are entering the correct venue.
  • Find the performance number from the list within the event window


If you leave the Performance Number zero or blank

If you generally have one event per day, it may work best leaving the performance number blank as there is no configuration changes required for each day. You just need to pick up the scanners and use them.

  • Tickets for any event/play that day will be accepted.
  • Ticket for any other day will be rejected. (Provide specific performance number to scan prior days events)
  • Use this if you have
    • a festival situation occurring and patrons could have purchased tickets to any one of a number of events / plays to obtain entry to the area you are scanning for.
    • a multi venue situation where you quickly move scanners from one venue to another and don't want operators to enter performance numbers
  • Note: If you enter a zero in this field, tickets for events occurring on any other day will return the message that the ticket is for a future event, and is not valid on this date.


Tricking the scanning process for future performances

If you want to scan for tomorrow's performance for some reason, then:
  • Just before attempting to scan tickets, set the date/time on the performance to be just before midnight today.
  • Add a comment to the specific performance notes to clarify for online sales (eg 'this performance is friday all day and not at the time indicated').
  • When you have finished scanning advance tickets, then change the date/time back to the proper performance time.