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Editing Performances

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Each series of performances can be edited after being created. You may be required to change the time or date of the performance or some other attribute. There are different editing options for each of the different sales methods, however they are similar. Before details are explained about editing each performance type. It is useful to know how to access the series detail window so you can start editing.

  1. Find the Event with the performance you wish to edit.

    Click here to learn how to find events.

  2. Open the Event / Play Setup window.

    Double click on the event/paly or press the Open button.

    The Event/Play opens.

  3. Click on the Performances tab.

    The Performance Tab opens.

  4. Double click on a performance to open the Performance Detail Window.

    The detail window is the same for each sales method. Depending on the sales method you may not have access to some fields. Click here for a detailed description of this window.