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Adding a Fee to a Ticket Price

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There are times you will want to add a fee to a ticket price. For example, adding a fee when selling tickets for another group.
The steps below outline how to add a fee to a ticket price.

  1. Add a Fee to a Sales Promotion.
    - For information on creating a sales promotion click here.
    - On the promotion Calculation tab, enter the fee you wish to charge into Ticket Fee box 1.
  2. Alter the event Account tab.
    - Select the event the fee is to be applied to. For more information on events click here.
    - Under the event Accounting tab, specify what G/L account the ticket fee should be posted to in the Ticket Fee 1 Account box under the Earned Revenue Accounts (Fees) section.
    - For more information on the accounting tab click here.
  3. Alter the event Pricing tab.
    - Under the event Pricing tab, alter the prices for performances if the fee is to be built into the price.
    - For more information on the Pricing tab click here
  4. Enable the promotion for the event performances.
    - Enable the promotion from Step 1 under the Promotions tab.
    - For more information on the Promotions tab click here.

You have now successfully set-up the ticket fee. When the Sales Promotion you created is selected during the ticket sales process, it will add the fee on top of the base ticket price.