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Change the Map For an Event

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You can change the Pricing Map an event uses, even if it is reserved seating. it works best if the venues are the same and you are just changing price zones for dynamic pricing. however, you can change to any other venues (larger or smaller) with some ramificatiosn

You can be change a venue to another while sales are occurring. The process takes moments.

You may want to refer to how to Create a new pricing map.

If you change to a venue that is a completely different orientation with more or fewer seats and no tickets have been sold, you may just have to verify seats for the affected performances.

HOWEVER, if it is a reserved seating performance:

There are rules for switching Pricing Maps. The new Pricing Map must:

  • Be active.
  • Have the same valid price codes in the new Pricing Map.
  • Have the same seating capacity and seats must be named (reserved seating only).
  • When changing the reserved seating map for an event, you can select some other Pricing Map.
  • When changing the reserved seating map for one performance, you can only select other pricing maps within the venue.
  • When changing the map for a general admission performance, you set the alternate venue as before.
  • If using the Outlet Edition, the map MUST be owned by the same outlet. People from outside your outlet cannot change pricesmaps or price codes for you.

To change the Pricing Map, you perform the following steps:

If the new map has a price code that is not in the map you copied from, it will NOT be available to add. Also, If you are replacing the pricing map for one or more performances, you must ensure all maps being used have the same price codes. Your pricing map can have unused price codes in its description.

  1. Click the Play/Event button.

    The Play list opens.

  2. Find the specified event and click the Open button.

    The Play / Event window opens.

  3. Click the Venue button.

    The pricing map list window opens, displaying the alternate maps that match the Pricing Map rules.

  4. Choose the appropriate map and click the Select button.

    The Change Map Confirmation opens.

  5. Click the Yes button.
  6. Verify Seats if capacities are different

    Refer to Verifying seats which might be needed after changing venues for a performance.