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Editing Price Codes

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There are two different reasons for editing price codes:

One - to initially set up the prices for the price codes.

Two - to alter an all ready set up price.

  1. Select the Play you want to adjust and click the Open button.

  2. Open the Pricing tab.

    For more detailed information about the Pricing Tab, click here.

  3. Select the Performance that you want to Edit Price Codes for.

    Do this by clicking on the specific performance from the performance list on the left side of the Play Setup window. The prices for this performance will display in the price list on the right side of the Play Setup Window.

  4. Select the the Price Code you want to edit and click the Edit Price button.

  5. Enter a description for the Price Code.

    Common price code descriptions are Adult, Student, Senior, etc.

  6. Enter a Base Price.

    The price that is entered here is the ticket price before taxes have been added on. If your company likes to have nice round ticket prices after taxes then you can use the Calculate Price Excluding Tax Feature. It is explained further down the page.

  7. Click Save button.

    Doing this accepts the changes to the price code. Clicking Cancel would canceled the changes.

Calculating Prices Excluding Taxes

  1. Enter the Selling Price you want to end up with after taxes.

    In this example we will use $10.00 and a 7% tax rate.

  2. Click the Calculate Price Excluding Taxes Button.

    The selling price will now display as the price before taxes. In this example the $40.00 Price Code turned into a $38.099 Price Code. Look to the calculation to see how the tax was broken out to create $10.00 final price ticket.

  3. Click Save button.

    This accepts the changes to the price code.