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Verifying Seats

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If you change a venue map, when there are events already on sale, you MUST verify the seats on each performance to re-index the new name to the seat in the event.

This is an internal database verification that ensures all tickets have been created and are properly setup. The verification routine has one key function - to determine if there are any missing reserved seats. This should never happen - verification will detect and correct the issue.

  1. Click the Event button in the Theatre Manager ribbon bar.
  2. Locate the Event with the Performances to be Verified.

  3. Open the Event by double clicking on it.

  4. Select the Performance tab.

    Single click on the performance to be verified. You can select multiple performances at a time if needed.

  5. Click the Verify Seats button.

    The Verify Seats warning dialog opens.

  6. To continue, click the Verify button.

    The progress bar at the bottom of the window will state the function and the progress.

When the Verify process has completed, the Performances will no longer be available for sale at the Box Office. They will need to be marked as available before tickets can be sold.