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Deleting a Performance

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If you chose not to put on a performance for a play, you can delete the performance. However, if you have sold tickets to the performance, you will be unable to delete it -- but you can make it effectively go away by hiding it.

Hiding a Performance

Normally you want to delete a performance completely (see next section), but if you cant, then:

  • Find the performance as per below and try delete it, as per the instructions below
  • if it won't delete, then target="_blank">double click the performance to edit it. Change:
    • The performance date to be the first day of the run
    • The performance code to be something like 'DONTUSE'
    • Set it so that it can't be on sale at the box office or online
    • for added safety, put an on-sale date in that is AFTER the date of the performance for both online and box office - that way if anybody ever changes the onsale flags, it will prevent the performance from showing up

Rules for Deleting a Performance:

You can only truly delete a performance if:

  • You have "Delete" user privileges the Play information under the data tab of Employee Setup.
  • The play must not be archived.
  • No tickets have been sold to the performance.
  • No transactions created for this performance.

To start, you perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Play List Window.

    Click here for more information on opening the Play list window.

  2. Open the Play you want to remove the performance from.

  3. Review the Performance Tab to ensure that no ticket have been sold to the performance.

  4. Note the # SOLD column in the performance list. Quantity must be zero for each performance in the list.
  5. Click the Delete button.

    The Delete Performance dialog opens.

  6. Click the Delete Button to delete the performance.