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Event / Play List

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You use the Play List window to locate plays or to generate a quick list of events that can be printed.

Parts of the Play List Window

Adds a new Play. Click here for more information on creating events.
Opens the selected Play. Click here for more information on editing an event.
Creates a copy of the selected event. When you click the button, you are given options how you want to duplicate the event (as per the choices below). you can:
  • Opt to duplicated multiple events, their performances, pricing and onsale settings - which is useful when preparing for the next season or session of classes.
  • Duplicate only the event header information (the play and accounting tabs) so that you can custom build the marketing data, performances and all other data
Deletes the selected Play. For more information on deleting events click here.
Generates a report of the Play List to the screen or default print location.
Exports the Play List in a tab-delimited format.
Clicking the button, puts any images or pictures associated with the event, onto the FTP site.
Changes the view of the plays, from list to calendar or calendar to list.
View the items attached to the play / event as a calendar.
Search Field With the search fields, you can change how you search the Play List Window. Click here for more information.
Active Check this to show all active events in the list.
Inactive Check this to show all inactive events in the list.
Closed Check this to show all closed events in the list.