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Transfer Tickets to Another Performance

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Occasionally, you may need to transfer all the tickets from one performance to another. Rather than doing this individually, you can transfer them in a batch by using the wizard on the Attendance tab of the Event setup. This can be helpful when:

  • You have cancelled the performance and need to re-seat patrons in another performance
  • You want to move a subscription package to another performance
  • You need to transfer people into a HOLD or WAIT LIST performance
  • Anytime a mass re-seating of patrons is required
  • You are considering moving all patrons to a venue with different orientation and capacity instead of simply changing venue.

The transfer function moves all selected tickets by matching seat codes for reserved seating events (festival seating events cannot be transferred in this fashion). Tickets for festival seating events will need to be manually exchanged. Tickets are not re-priced when they are transferred and do not affect order balances.

Tickets will not be moved if:

  • There is no corresponding seat code in the new performance
  • The Price Code is not available in the new performance
  • If some of the selected tickets in any one order cannot be moved (e.g. some tickets within the order can be transferred but others in the same order cannot - perhaps because the seat code does not exist or the seat is already booked to another patron in the new performance) the entire order will be ignored. You will then need to manually exchange all the tickets in the order.

To transfer tickets from one performance to another:

  1. Bring up the Events List in the Setup menu, or by clicking on the icon on the main tool ribbon.
  2. Click the icon to populate the list with your events.
  3. Double click on the Event containing the performance you wish to transfer the tickets FROM.

  4. Click on the tab
  5. Highlight the performance on the left that you are transferring the tickets FROM.

  6. Highlight the ticket(s) on the right that you wish to transfer.

    You can select some or all of the tickets, allowing you to transfer only a sub-group of the total attendance.

  7. Click the Transfer button at the bottom of the window.

  8. Enter the performance number you want to transfer the tickets TO.

    Alternatively, you can use the icon to search for the performance.

  9. Select whether you want to transfer:
    •    Only the selected ticket(s) (in this example, eight tickets), or
    •    All of the tickets within this performance
  10. Click the Transfer button.

    The Transfer Confirmation opens.

  11. After you have reviewed the information, click the Transfer button.

    The valid tickets will be transferred to the new performance.