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Step 3 - Checking a Patron INTO the venue

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This page describes how to scan a ticket and check a patron INTO the venue. The process is very similar for both scanners.

TM Scanner (iPhone/iPod)
  • Make sure the 'white words' in the centre of the screen say 'Scan In'. If they do not, click the 'blue' words that say 'scan in'.
  • Aim the front of the scanner at a ticket
  • Press the 'black' button at the right side of the scanner so that the red laser scans the ticket
  • When you hear the beep (or the phone vibrates), the scan was successful and the words will say 'go'
  • If you hear a longer beep, the screen will say stop and the scan failed -- read the error message to find out why
If you have trouble doing a scan, you can enter the ticket number manually. To do so:
  • Click on the green word 'Start' (or on the blue 'Manual' at the upper left)
  • Type in the ticket number
  • Click the 'Go' Button
A successful scan looks similar to the image on the right.

it will include:

  • The patrons name
  • The ticket number
  • And if its a reserved seating event:
    • the door
    • section
    • row
    • and seat data
    If such data is available for the venue