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Solicitor Tab

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The Solicitor tab shows information about the donations which the employee has taken in. The "Allow Employee to be a Solicitor" must be selected to allow the employee to accept donations under there name.

If you wish somebody to tracked as a solicitor (like a Board member), you will need to make them an employee and give them no access to login to theatre manager.

Parts of the Solicitor Tab

Allow Employee to be a Solicitor When checked an employee can accept donations under their name.
Prospects Total amount of prospective donations generated by the employee.
Soft Pledge Total amount of soft pledges solicited by the employee
Soft Credits Total amount of soft credits solicited by the employee
Actual Total amount of actual donation $ solicited by the employee
Total Donations Total number of donations that have been solicited by the employee
Hard Pledges Amount of hard pledges solicited by the employee.
Matching Gifts Total matching gift donations solicited by the employee.
# Gifts Matched Number of matching gifts solicited by the employee.
Written Off Amount of written off donations solicited by the employee.
Balance Owing Balance of outstanding donations solicited by the employee.