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Selectively removing PERMANENT 'q' holds (Temporarily)

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Selectively removing social distance holds is a feature you can assign to some employees. It is designed to allow you to over-ride the holds, break an existing bubble, and squeeze somebody into the seats. However, any new seats that are sold will still see the social distance process applied to the seats.
Social distance seating held because of an online purchase are, by design, a little more PERMANENT and protected than other types of holds.

Even if an employee has permission to release these social distance holds in employee setup, they can may not be allowed to release these PERMANENT holds since that was a specific promise made to patrons when they purchased online at that time (i.e. the seats would be held for them).


Releasing the PERMANENT Social Distance Holds

Releasing these permanent social distance holds is no different than releasing any other hold, with one exception.

If Theatre Manager notices you are trying to release one of these seats, you will get:

  • An acknowledgement message similar to the one of the right that tells you how many social distance seats you are trying to release -or-
  • If the employee is not permitted to release these special holds, they will receive a message asking for the initials and password of another employee who can release the seats -- and then they'll be able to release the seats for this sale only

The PERMANENT social distance ticket holds can be released:


Enabling Access to Release PERMANENT holds

Selected employees need to be given permission to release these 'q' holds temporarily. This is given in the employee setup. For those who are not given permanent permission, then as a one time permission can be given at time of attempted release of the holds from another employee who has the capability.