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Removing Social Distance Q Holds

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If a venue has been using the automatic social distance holds feature, the 'q' holds sold online are PERMANENT since that was the offer made to patrons at the time of booking

As venues reopen after Covid, we suspect rules around social distancing will change, both relaxing and restricting.

However, if rules are relaxed by the authorities, there are two options that you can use in order to sell those Social Distance holds. These are:

  • Full Opening: Remove all social distance seats from the venue map and proceed forward as if they were never there. You are telling theatre manager that no further social distancing will be required - ever. Online, these new seats will be available to anybody.
  • Selectively Opening Seats: which means you opt to release one or two of the social distance seats at a time to squeeze a patron into those seats. These seats you have released may break bubbles and they will be available for patrons to purchase at the box office or online. However, the social distance map rules are still in force; menaing that the next sale may add some other social distance holds.

    This might be best thought of as opening up only a couple of seats without giving up the full protection of your social distance sales map. It lets a few extra seats be sold and requires special permission to be set up for an employee.