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Entry Requirements (such as Proof of Vaccination)

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Some States and Provinces are implementing proof of vaccine requirements for entry to theatres, bars, restaurants and more.
  • Rules varies from place to place and change by the day.
  • Please be aware your your local requirements and edit the following web pages as appropriate.

Theatre Manager does not support uploading vaccination status. Most rules we have seen require proof at the door to avoid issues such as people buying tickets for others.
Adding Covid 19 related instructions for entry to the venue including those Provinces or States that require vaccine proof or passports means adding text to some fields in web options in Theatre Manager Company Preferences.
These instructions assume you have not customized the following pages:
  • TMTickets.html which should refer to the following, if not customized:
    • TMtemplates/tmTicketCustomPatronInstructions.html - which has been updated to contain the event list notes.
  • TMcheckout.html

If you want to let your patrons know that they are subject to some specific requirements, editing one or more of the following web pages are things you can do right now:

Warning before purchase There are three note/warning/danger text areas you can add to the event list in the Event list in the purchasing tab in the Web options on the company preferences window.

You can make your event list look like the one to the right be editing the Warning and Danger tabs as per the images below.

Note: that the example uses markup to achieve bold, underline and bullet points -- without having to know HTML.

Sample Warning Note in Markup

Sample danger Note in Markup

Explicit acknowledgement at time of payment

There are two notes that pertain to terms and conditions that you can change on the Carts and Check tab in the Web options on company preferences.

These are:

  • Terms and Conditions - which show when you click on the 'terms and conditions' tab
  • Covid 19 - which adds a line to the I accept terms and condition per the image above AND also adds a link to the COVID 19 policy page. If the users presses that, it will pop up your covid 19 policy.


Please be sure to enable the Acknowledge Terms and Conditions checkbox to see this warning.

If enabled, the user will be required to acknowledge they have read the terms and conditions. This acknowledgement is stored for each cart. The requirement for acknowledgement of terms and conditions must be enabled in company preferences.

We suggest only saying that you have a policy and add a link so that they can read the policy on your main web site.

Terms and Conditions

Add your extra terms and conditions that will show when they are enabled on the checkout window.

Covid 19

Enter your Covid 19 policy in plain text, HTML or markup language and it will appear in the web site automatically.

Adding words to covid 19 tab are what causes the 'accept terms and conditions' checkbox on the web site to say that there are Covid 19 conditions per the instructions above.