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Create Social Distance Maps

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When the time comes to open up venues as the threat fo COVID19 diminishes, we suspect that there will be some sort of social distancing management effort required for reserved seating events for:
  • Ticket sales. There are two ways to do this in theatre manager:
    • Using automatic holds - where if a patron buys at the boxoffice or online, a 'cocoon' of seats will be placed around the purchase automatically. Next best seats will show that cocoon moving with the patron's seat choice'.

      This method automatically adjusts the holds depending on what the patron buys - and is the recommended approach - but it requires a bit more venue setup to make it automatic.

      A very important feature of the automatic method is that you can use reporting capacity for the price map to limit the total overall seats sold for a performance to meet governmental limits - the reporting capacity can be set to ignore social distance holds. This makes it very easy to limit sales to a specific number when sold online. (Box office is allowed to ignore limits if need be)

    • Social Distancing Seating ExampleUsing manual holds - where you pre-specify the holds in the venue and all other seats are held manually.

      This also requires setup, and does not guarantee that people will have a safety barrier if the box office releases some seats inadvertently. It can be set up more quickly - and might be used as a stop gap until you build an automatic social distance map.

  • On the night of the performance, entering into the venue in a managed way by calling people in by Zone Number that you set up in the pricing map
You can use the zone number entry process for reserved seating whether you are using social distancing sales process or not.