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Managing Events due to Unforseen Circumstances

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COVID-19 is at the forefront of everyone's mind. It's presence is headlining news, social media and daily conversation. There is a lot of uncertainly about it's impact and how long that impact may last. Many communities are facing imposed group gathering limits or mandated building closures. This has lead to the implementation of social distancing practices for those events that can still take place and for those that cannot, the postponement or cancellation of events.

We want to reassure all our clients that we are here to support you during this unforeseen and unprecedented time. We know the decisions made in early days will have a long term impact both socially and financially. To assist with implementing precautionary measures we offer the suggestions below:

Social Distancing

Social Distancing is the conscious effort to reduce close contact with other people. Officials have recommended Social Distancing as a means to help slow or prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you are implementing Social Distancing at your venue it may mean working from home and/or creating more space between patrons during a performance.

Working From Home

For those working from home and requiring access to Theatre Manager, there are tools that can be put in place to provide access from outside the office. If you are self-hosting your database, where the database serve is located in your office, we recommend using a VPN for secure access and an application such a Remote Desktop, LogMeIn, Go To My PC or TeamViewer. Applications such as these will allow you to access a computer within the office and work from that computers desktop. If you choose to implement a Terminal Server staff can work off the same machine using their own remote session. The process for accessing the database remotely is outlined in the help page Remote Access to Theatre Manager.

Artsman clients currently using our Cloud Hosting service can connect to their database simply by installing Theatre Manager on their work station, selecting Cloud Hosting and entering their unique Key/Password. The link for installing Theatre Manage is the same as those provided in the initial email for connecting to Cloud Hosting. If you require the installation link for Theatre Manager please contact the support team and we will be happy to provide this information. The details on how to connect to a Cloud Hosting database are located in the help page AMS Cloud Setup.

Distance between Seats

Some clients may be continuing with events and implementing Social Distancing within the Theatre. One approach to this process is holding seats within the venue to not only limit the number of patrons who can attend but also offer more space between seats for those attending. Local officials will determine the recommended distance between patrons and seats.

**** Web page on how to hold seats

Postponing An Event

Cancelling An Event

Many clients have had to close their doors in an effort to protect the public. This has lead to the cancellation of events. An outline of our recommendations during this time can be found on our help page Cancelling an Event.

When cancelling an event there are many ways to deal with currently purchased tickets. Options include: