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Events that are Cancelled

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Many clients have temporarily halted performances in their venues in an effort to protect the public.

An outline containing recommendations for managing event cancellations can be found in the help page Cancelling an Event. These recommendations include generating Revenue and House reports prior to refunding tickets and creating a Mail List of those patrons who have purchased for future reference.

You can refund tickets and create an offsetting payment, donation or add a gift certificate/pass in three ways:

When cancelling an event there are many options for dealing with currently purchased tickets.

Before you do any refunding, please make sure to set up gift certificates and donation campaigns to track refunds appropriately if you are not giving money back.

Do not leave the order on account.


Important: Please read the rules regarding refunds to credit cards, which are managed by your credit card provider. Theatre Manager does its best to determine which refund rule applies, based on how the card was authorized. If you cannot get refunds working, your merchant provider is the key to unlocking the door.


Refunding to an individual patron

When a patron calls in, you have several options for refunding tickets based on their needs. These include:


Refunding an entire performance

VERY IMPORTANT: Before refunding to gift certificates or donations, we suggest making a new and explicit gift certificate or donation campaign to track the refunds.

If you intend to cancel an entire entire event, you can:

  • refund all tickets to a performance at one time with (or without) creating payments (See video above) . You can select some people and refund to them (on the group basis) using one of the following methods:
    • credit cards, or
    • donations, or
    • gift certificates


  • Select a range of orders, patrons or ticket types from the attendance tab where you can:
    • work through the list of attendees from top to bottom
    • use the context menu to refund only those tickets manually.
    • This allows you to mark any future tickets in the order and also refund them if that might be important.
    • And you can decide on the refund payment method on a per-order basis (checks, cards, eft, to a donation, or to a gift certificate, etc)

Remember to generate all Reports or Mail Lists about those patrons who have purchased prior to following these steps should you wish to contact them in the future.


Refunding across performances and events

You can search for and create a custom list of tickets in the Batch Functions->Unprint or Refund batch of tickets. This option let you:

  • select tickets that cross events, performances, patron, etc.
  • refund the tickets en-masse like the refund process in the attendance tab of events and dates