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Credit Card Refund Rules

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Your merchant provider dictates all rules regarding refunds to credit cards Theatre Manager does its best to determine which refund rule might apply, based on how the card was originally authorized.

If you have difficulty with some refunds, your merchant provider is the key to unlocking the door - you can set their rules in Merchant Setup

An HISTORICAL UNDERSTANDING of the credit card refund process and CARD FRAUD might help guide you solving some issues (along with some workarounds)

When doing MASS REFUNDS, we recommend:
  • creating the payments as POST DATED PAYMENTS at time of refund and
  • doing the actual authorization during end of day (eg from event and dates window on the attendance tab). This helps deal with conditions like:
    • Authorization is too far in the past for linked refunds - card sits in EOD until you talk to the bank to extend the time frame
    • The card is shredded and there is no Merchant profile for the patron - so you can then get the patrons' card and do a refund after that
    • use some other method (like change to a Gift Certificate) if the refund just will not get approved. At least the patron can use that online at a later date.