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Refunds and Fraud Prevention

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How did credit card refunds originally work?

For a long long time, the rules were simple. You needed the entire card in front of you. When sending in a request for a refund, you provided the entire card number, expiry and amount.


About the Refund Rules (as we understand them today)

Credit card providers felt that the simple rule had too much potential for fraud. And it did: bad guys with cards figured out how to create a lot of refunds and steal a lot of money.

Each credit card merchant provider instituted one or more out of a number of rules to thwart fraud, making the refund process difficult. This generally works fine for one off refunds, but hampers the process when trying to do mass refunds to an entire event meaning it may need a lot of manual intervention.


What a Mixture of Rules means for Refunds

Some of the techniques credit card providers implemented that make the refund process difficult to navigate are below. Since the rules have been implemented over time, you may find that mass refunds might encounter one or more of these scenarios:

NOTE: you can set which type of refund(s) your merchant provider allows in merchant setup

If you are allowed both, Theatre Manager tries Linked refunds. If that fails, you can chose to do an independent refund on the payment window