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Linked Refunds using tokens within xx days

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Individual Refunds

Refunding using tokens is like refunding using merchant profiles. It means that you can select a prior card owned by the patron on the payment window based on the last 4 digits. The payment window will appear to show a masked credit card number.

Then submitting the refund for authorization, you are restricted to the rules of Linked Refunds. You must pick a card that belongs to the order, otherwise you will not receive an authorization.


if you receive a message from Theatre Manager there are NO PRIOR PAYMENTS when doing a refund, the root cause is because merchant providers have been forcing venues to use linked refunds, meaning they imposed a typical time limit of having to refund within 120 days of purchase.

In these times of crisis, each venue seems to have a different time limit and you can set it in Theatre Manager's Merchant Setup. It may work if you increase the time frame. If not, you may need to talk to the bank to have them raise the timeframe on their end as well.


Mass Refunds of tickets to Events

Mass refunds of tickets and creating payment at time of refund using tokens is currently not supported.

You can open the attendance window and refund patrons orders one by one, selecting card as the refund method. This will invoke refund by token for that order.


Possible Errors doing Refunds with Merchant Profiles

Typical issues that can arise are:

  • Credit card rejected - you will need to call the patron
  • Linked Refunds - you might see some of these errors.