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Switching Merchant Accounts: Employee and Card Setup

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Switching from One Merchant Provider to Another

On the Merchant Setup window (see Merchant Account Setup), the final bit of setup is to determine which employees and which payment methods are associated with this merchant account.

  • To assign employees to this merchant account, click on the Employee tab and find the employees to assign. In a multi-merchant setup situation, drag only those employees that will use this merchant account as the default.

    While some employees may have permission to use multiple merchant accounts, viewing their name here means this is the default merchant account assigned to them for charging cards. If the employee wants to use another merchant account, they will need to select it on the payment window.

  • Click on the Card tab to select which credit card payment methods are associated with this merchant account.

    If you need to have multiple merchant accounts and both are to take Visa (for example), you will need two Visa payment methods and assign one of them to each merchant account.

Any future dated 'post dated payments' associated with the card you drag to another merchant provider will automatically be reassigned to authorize on the new merchant provider card network.

When switching, you can open both merchant accounts and drag the employees from one window to the other. You can do the same for the credit card payment methods - to make the switch easy and fast.
Linked Refunds authorized under your old merchant account are only possible if you keep your old merchant account open. This is because the tokens used by the credit card companies are specific to card #, order, patron and merchant.

It may be wise to keep the old merchant account aroudn/inactive for 3 months or so.

This is a non-issue if your merchant provided the ability to do Independent Refunds