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Authorize.Net Gateway Account

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The User ID and Password setup is arranged by Arts Management from Authorize.Net and is entered into the Setup --> System Tables --> Merchant Accounts window as below:

Software Type

The following values are set on the software type tab per the diagram below:

  • Set the server software to be
  • The merchant provider will automatically be set for you
  • The merchant number is for use on ticket faces and for contacting Authorize.Net support.

Connection Info

The following entries are set on the Connection Info tab per the diagram below:

  • User/Server ID - provided through The user ID remains constant for the life of the account and is generally an MD5 version of your main account UserID
  • Password - the password is auto generated for you. You can change it via the online interface to generate a new 'secret' key. If you do that, you can expire your old password right away or allow both old and new to co-exist for up to 24 hours.
  • Primary URL - is always and is used for authorization only
  • Secondary URL - is always and is used during the settlement process.
  • Port - is always 443

Merchant Profiles

The following entries are set on the Profiles tab per the diagram below:

  • Enable Profiles - set to Active if Merchant Profiles will be used.
  • Profiles API Login Key - not required. Authorize.Net uses the same connection information from the Connection Info tab.
  • Profiles API URL - is always

Refer to Merchant Profiles for further information on functionality.