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After setting up the in the Merchant Account setup, you will need to test that it works. The best way to do this is:
  • Find yourself in the database or create a new patron for yourself
  • Create a new order and attempt to buy a ticket or Gift Certificate
  • On the payment window, select the credit card you want to use and do a test authorization
  • If you get an authorization with a message indicating AVS match and/or CVV2 match, then the setup is correct
  • Log in to your Online Merchant Account and view the batch to see that your transaction is there
  • In Theatre Manager, void the credit card payment and then confirm in the Online Merchant Account that the charge is marked as void
    • Trouble Shooting

      Authorization Response looks like HTML or XML

      If you get an authorization response that looks like it is HTML or XML and indicates that it was not authorized, then your User ID/Password is probably wrong (please verify it).

      If it still doesn't work after verifying it, log in to the Online Merchant Account and

      • Click on 'Account' button at the top.
      • Click on the MD5 hash at the middle of the screen
      • Get a new MD5 hash for your account and put it into the setup screen under the password
      • Try to authorize a card again

      Error on Settlement

      If an error occurs during the initial part of settlement, you may not have the 'Transaction Details API' enabled. If this occurs, log in to the Online Merchant account and then

      • Click on 'Account' button at the top.
      • Click on the 'Transaction Details API' link
      • Enter the answer to your 'secret question'
      • Click 'Enable Transaction Details API' button if it is not already enabled

      If issues persist, contact Arts Management and let us know so that we can help get it corrected.

      Authorization Number: 000000

      When processing a test charge, if you get an Authorization Number: 000000, this means the account is still in TEST mode at Log into your account, and change the setting from TEST mode to LIVE mode.