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Elavon Installation

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Arts Management Systems provides the Elavon Virtual Merchant™ adaptor module to support credit card authorization. The installation is done for you during an initial installation of Theatre Manager to your organization or via remote when switching to a new provider by Arts Management training staff on any Theatre Manager Workstation.

Elavon implements either user ID and password authentication; or access from specified IP addresses over HTTPS connections to provide compliance with PCI DSS 4.1

Installation is quite straightforward. You would contact Elavon using information provided by Arts Management, and they create a Merchant Account for you. Money gets authorized by Elavon as 'Card Not Present' or as 'Swiped Card' and then deposited right to your own bank upon settlement from Theatre Manager. This account information that you are provided is all you need to set up in the merchant setup window below to provide secure credit card authorization.

Elavon will need to provide the following 2 account setups (both are required):

  1. Elavon Virtual Terminal - uses the Elavon VirtualMerchant Gateway via a web browser to "view the transactions" that have occurred. This account setup is used during the EOD deposit process to review your transactions prior to the settlement process.
  2. Certified Connection for User ID and Password - uses the Elavon Gateway to allow authorizations to occur but not be viewed. This information is what needs to be entered into Theatre Manager's Merchant account to allow authorizations to occur.

The user IDs and passwords for both of the above are completely different and should not be interchanged or confused with each other. Follow the appropriate setup steps for each.

After following the setup for both accounts, make sure to test the gateway.