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Testing Elavon Gateway

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After setting up the Elavon Gateway in the Merchant Account setup, you will need to test that it works. The best way to do this is:
  • Find yourself in the database or create a new patron that is yourself
  • Create a new order and attempt to by a ticket
  • On the payment window, select the credit card you want to use and do a test authorization
  • If you get an authorization with a message indicating AVS match and/or CVV2 match, then the setup is correct
  • Log in to your Elavon VirtualMerchant account and view the batch to see that your transaction is there
  • In Theatre Manager, void the credit card payment and then confirm in the orbital Virtual Terminal that the charge is marked as void
    • Trouble Shooting

      If you get a response that looks like it is HTML or XML and indicates that it was not authorized, then your user ID/password is probably wrong (please verify), or Paymentech set up the account to require a specific IP. Contact your Elavon representative and tell them of the issue so that they can correct it. They may put you in touch with the Gateway people. You can inform Elavon Gateway support staff that you need to be able to authorize via user ID and password (per their standard setup instructions for Theatre Manager).