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Direct Credit Card Processing Options

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Regardless of the processor you pick, the money always goes directly to your bank account. You enter or swipe the card information into Theatre Manager and it sends all the correct information to the appropriate service provider.

Theatre Manager transmits data directly to your processor over a secure HTTPS connection authenticated by a user ID and password unique to your merchant account and supplied only to you by the bank. Refer to each processor to see their additional capabilities. PCI DSS 4.1
If you are considering changing merchant provider, be sure to read:

These online processors are able to manage multiple authorizations at once, making for a faster and smoother buying experience both for direct Theatre Manager users and for patrons buying online.

The following diagram illustrates the authorization flow.

Merchant Processing Service Providers

The merchant providers supported in Theatre Manager and various features of each are:

Theatre Manager Help Link Processor Marketing Website Account Setup Contact Information Hosted Payments Merchant Profiles Linked Refunds Independent Refunds PinPad PCI compliance Options
Bambora™ Bambora™
formerly Beanstream
click for contact info No February 2021 Yes No No C or D
Paymentech Orbital™ Paymentech Orbital™. click for contact info No Yes Yes Yes No C or D
Elavon™ VirtualMerchant Elavon™ Virtual Merchant main processor. click for contact info No Yes Yes Yes No C or D
Moneris™ Moneris eSelect Plus™ direct processing or hosted payments click for contact info Yes Yes** Yes Yes Yes A-EP, B-IP, C or D™™ No Yes Yes Yes No C or D
Elavon™ (private brand) derivative of Elavon™ and specific to city of Miami City of Miami only No No No Yes No C or D
Hosted Payments: is a feature where the Theatre Manager web site's payment page will redirect to the service provider's web site. Any card data entered there never enters your network, allowing PCI Schedule 'A-EP' compliance - limiting the amount of PCI compliance documentation you require.
Merchant Profiles is a feature where Theatre Manager obtains a token from your merchant provider to replace the credit card number in your database. Token's mean that you are not storing credit card data that is subject to PCI compliance - all card data could then be shredded. However, you retain the ability to do post dated payments or provide refunds through the saved token that is unique to the patron and your organization.

** Note: Merchant profiles not recommended for Moneris because they charge too much.