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Paymentech Orbital - Contact Information

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  1. In Canada, contact:

    Amit Dhawan
    Chase Merchant Services
    100 Consilium Place
    17th Floor
    Toronto, Ontario M1H 3E3
    (647) 500-9872

  2. Ask for a Paymentech Orbital account to be set up

Please note you may encounter with Paymentech:

  • a need to sign a 3-year contract for this account. Depending on your transaction volumes, you may able to request a 1-year trial if your organization meets the requirements
  • if you will be a new client to Paymentech, it will take up to two weeks to establish and setup your merchant account
  • Paymentech may request that all transactions flowing through your organization (Box office point of sale business as well as the ecommerce sales) flow through this new account.

Please note you may encounter with your existing merchant privider:

  • may require 30 days written notice of cancellation

Once your Orbital account is set up, the following steps will need to happen:

  1. Settle any existing credit card batch (run an End of Day)
  2. Create a new merchant account in Theatre Manager
  3. Follow the steps to change your merchant provider

Then you can start using Paymentech Orbital.

If you have any questions directly related to your Orbital merchant account setup, please contact Orbital Technical Support at 1-866-645-1314. Contact Arts Management if you have questions about how to setup Theatre Manager to reference and authorize credit cards using your Orbital merchant account.