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Finding the Paymentech Orbital Balance

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If the credit card authorization software you are using is Paymentech Orbital, you will need to access your merchant account via the web to obtain transaction totals and transaction counts while doing the end of data process.

Theatre Manager assumes you have turned off auto-settle in the admin settings and that Theatre Manager will do the settlement. Do not settle the batch using the Orbital interface.

To find the batch total, you will need to:

  • log into the Orbital Virtual Server for your merchant account with your user id and password.
  • Click on the 'Open Batch' link at the top of the web page and you will see the page below

  • On the 'Open Batch - Search' window, change the following search parameters. Others should be blank.
    • Remove the check next to Date Range.
    • Set the Query Type to be Summary Query
    • Click the Search button
  • When the screen below is shown, look for the values in the middle of the screen called
    • Total Count in the 2nd last column of the second table. In this example it is 1 and represents the number of transactions
    • Net Amount in the last column of the second table. In this example it is 2.00 and represents the total value of the current batch that has not yet been settled. You will want these total which include any refunds that may have been purchased

  • When you have both those values, place them into the dialog window of the Theatre Manager Deposit process in the window show below and click Matches.

    These values may be zero if there are no credit cards waiting to be settled.

    If you do not know the balances or have already forced settled a batch, click No Match (this is not the normal practice).