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Authorize.Net End Of Day Process

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For complete instructions on the setup of your account within Theatre Manager click Setup.

End of day in is similar to any other merchant provider. You follow the basic end of day process outlined previously. However, Authorize.Net operates with one little (but important to know) difference compared to the other credit card service providers.

Most providers allow you to authorize cards, get a batch total, and then settle the batch. Each 'settlement' results in a batch being flushed to your bank. If you settle twice a day, you will likely have two entries in your bank account. allows one batch per day. You can settle in Theatre Manager as many times as you want and all of them will be aggregated into one single batch that appears on your bank statement. That single batch is 'swept' into your bank account at a time of your choosing (set by each merchant in the online interface in and can be changed at any time). We recommend that you set the batch sweep to be approximately 12 hours after the time you regularly do your end of day processing. For instructions on setting the sweep time, click here. For example:

  • If you do your end of day in at 8 in the morning, then setting the automatic sweep to between evening and midnight would allow sufficient time for correction.
  • If you typically do your end of day before going home for the evening, then a sweep of all settled cards at 4 am would be a good idea.

The following describes how differs (slightly) as it may be important to understand the effects if you need to create more than 1000 transactions between each end of day. (This is a very large number of transactions and is rarely exceeded - even by large venues and onsale dates). also has an online Merchant Login where you can view your current charges at any time -and- review current unsettled transactions and past batches.

Your account must have permission to call the Transaction Details API in order to settle. It is a permission your service provider must give you.