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Totals for Large Batches

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If the credit card authorization software you are using is, you may need to access your merchant account via the web to obtain transaction totals and transaction counts while doing the end of data process.

This should only be required when there are more than 1000 transactions in a batch. This is due to a limitation on the servers which only returns the 1000 most recent transactions (suitable for most days business). If you are in a day with more than 1000 transactions, use the batch total and transaction count to compare to the totals in theatre manager and then force settle. TM will then change all cards to 'capture' them.

If there are less than 1000 transactions in the batch, Theatre Manager should identify discrepancies automatically.

Please note that a batch may appear out of balance if there are refunds in a batch, which is affected by your choice of sweep time. Check for voided payments in the Theatre Manager edit list -> error message column and make sure that they are expected.

Theatre Manager assumes you have turned off auto-settle in the admin settings and that Theatre Manager will do the settlement. Do not settle the batch using the interface.

To find the batch total, you will need to:

  • log into the Merchant Login window and enter your user id and password for your merchant account.
  • Click on the 'Reports' link at the top of the web page and you will see the page below

  • Click on the 'Transaction Statistics' on the left side.
    • Set the Transaction Type to Unsettled.
    • Click the Run Report button
  • When the screen below is shown, look for the values in the right side of the screen near the bottom:
    • Total Count in the last column. In this example it is 11 and represents the number of transactions
    • Net Amount in the last column. In this example it is 1,053.27 and represents the total value of the current batch that has not yet been settled.

  • When you have both those values, compare them to the credit card total for that batch in Theatre Manager and continue if in balance. If not in balance, then you will need to compare the payment list in TM with the transaction audit list on the server.