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Troubleshooting End of Day Wizard Problems

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This page describes what to do if trying to solve end of day problems that prevent posting to the General Ledger. If any one of the steps in this section below does not fix the out-of-balance problem, try the next step or the other sections

Also, note the 'Create Sales Entries' process in the End of Day wizard actually takes two passes at checking for an imbalance. If your venue is not busy, this will handle most end of day issues automatically. However, if it does not -AND- you are having an extra busy day, then re-running the 'Create Sales Entries' can catch any sales that straggle in and counts them.



You received a deposit in process message when attempting to use the End of Day:
  • Refer to resetting end of day in Company Preferences to reset all end of day settings (Normal approach), or
  • You can reset the 'deposit status' for the specific merchant account in merchant setup (This avoids resetting all merchant accounts and the overall EOD in progress setting).
Matching a deposit to your Merchant Account: Please refer to the following to make sure you've looked at your batch totals and/or settled the batches If your merchant batch total is different than Theatre Manager, it means one of two things:
  • There is more at the Bank batch than Theatre Manager.
    • If its a small amount or one or two cards AND ALL FOR ONE DAY, then
      • compare your entire batch, card for card to what theatre manager thinks.
      • Void any authorization at the bank that is not in theatre manager until you balance
    • If it is a larger amount, its likely that somebody forced closed theatre manager deposits:
      • look back at past deposits/transactions in Theatre Manager
      • see if those cards are in the open batch at the bank
      • If so, figure oiut which cards match the deposits in theatre Manager
      • Add them up and if you can see which bathes were force closed and the totals match, then settle the batch using theatre manger and make sure the batch is closed online
  • There is more in Theatre Manager than the Bank
    • Generally means that somebody settled the bank batch online instead of through theatre manager
    • Start at the last day that balanced and look at all Closed batches at the bank to get a total by day
    • Look at the open batch to see how much it is
    • Add them up
    • If that matches Theatre Manager, then settle the batch
Making the end of day balance go to zero so you can post: Please refer to correcting an imbalance to resolve the problem.
You receive a message indicating that there are orders currently being sold: Some orders may currently be in the process of having tickets sold to them or taking payments. You might need to
  • clear orders currently being sold for older orders to get End of Day to balance.
  • New orders - you may have to wait till the box office finishes with the customer.
  • At the very least, look at the BALANCE on each order as you will likely be out of balance by that amount in end of day -- at least till the order is completed or cancelled.
The inability to post to the general ledger after balancing: Please refer to cannot post to the General Ledger
If the payments can not be seen in the deposit process window:
  • The merchant account has been de-actived, or
  • The workstation does not have internet access, or
  • When the workstation started Theatre Manager, it didn't get a valid 'internet available' response. In this case, you will need to quit Theatre Manager and start it back up again to have the 'internet available' flag reset within that workstation's session.
You just ran the first End of Day after Year End Rollover and found an issue Please refer to End of Day Imbalance after Year End Rollover